Techolds is your source for all the news, updates, information and data in the world of technology. Its idea is based on the concept of bringing together scattered and cluttered information into a uniform design which is helpful to the users. In fact, the data, stories and information on Techolds focus on the user query considering what our audience wants to know.

It began as a news source to provide all the new updates taking place in the technological arena. Yet, it has expanded a lot more to include most important services to its audience. The portal holds information on several aspects of technology world. It encompasses information related to as minute as optimizations, social media and several other related aspects.

The news segment was introduced to ensure that all the latest information is shared with the readers of Techolds. It shares updates on your favorite companies, new technologies, the services and what matters to you the most. The other segments are specific to their niche which ensure that correct and required information is shared with the users.

You can find all the updates on different startups in the globe. These include several new initiatives right from the idea stage. We cover those who are not covered as yet so that our audience knows about what’s coming beforehand. It serves the founders, investors and the common man in all their domains to have a discourse, plan to invest or be a user.

Moreover, the security segment is mainly focused on protecting you from all the worst that could happen. We cover all the threats, what you can do to protect yourself and what’s next in managing your digital security.

Our team includes all the tech gurus in different fields who are involved in different areas of work. They are freelancers, mid-level team members of companies as well as key decision makers. They are those who handle the most difficult task of producing what you see on your screen via different products, portals and platforms.

Techolds is not only an information portal; it is a complete experience which helps you handle your technology involvement and guide you through the challenges of the new technologies.