Artificial intelligence, robots and smart applications are ultimate levels of technology.

What is the limit of technological advancement? Since the inception of technical world the inventions are one thing that are progressing on daily basis. The advancement of technology is inevitable. The inventions are advancing with each generation. Every generation has an experience of ultimate technical things relevant to their times. The most astonishing invention was internet which was invented in the early eighties.

After which the coming generations get the front row seat to discover more technological advancement. The extreme of technology is unable to describe the advancement has reached to the level of: artificial intelligence, robots and smart applications that has eliminated the distance.

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Technology has become a desire of every consumer. The progression is made on consumer demand the watches, telephones, computer are not just performing their desired tasks but are doing more than the expectations. Today the watch we buy is not just a watch but in fact it provides a complete facilitation of a mobile phone.

Introduction of Cash Wallets

The consumer demands are expanding more which means the cash deposit is high and hence the expansion of the technology will continue. We witness so much change in our lifestyle, with the advancement of technical world and the truth is that its our new normal environment to live in such robotic environment. Robotic environment refers to the term that everything is under the control of technology.

Each and every person is somehow using technology. The benefits it provides are time saving and cost effective. Elimination of manpower is the limit that technology can achieve. Technology is seemed like impossible magic. The progress of technology is un measurable.

The limitation can be measure as, technology is purely objective. It depends upon energy. Invasion of privacy can be the limit as well, as the data we create on any technical device can be hacked so the security cannot be satisfied at any advancement level.

Miscommunication, is a limit as well, work from home is one of the miscommunications that are due to technical advancement. Last but not the least, interdependent parts limit the technology. Which means the partition of work on two places can affect the work privacy and its data gathering.

Challenging the Human brain

Overall, the technical advancement has reached at such stage that it is challenging human brain. Everything is getting under control of robotic machines which affects the common labour. Technology in short, is the might that is ruling the world. There can be technical limitations possible for the advancement but the limitations on inventions cannot be measured. Energy is the main factor that can limit technology, as we know that everything that is remotely accessible is dependent on the electrical connection, the sources of which are both natural and artificial.

The extract of the discussion is that, although we are living in the age of technology which our ancestors cannot even imagine of. But, these inventions are at the end made by humans who are not robots neither any machines and the dependency is energy and power , thus technology can only be limit to human brain and energy sources, else the technological inventions limit is still unable to predict.

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