Facebook is a great tool to spread the word and ask people to save the date!

Planning to host a rejuvenating and community-building Church revival event? Facebook is a great tool to spread the word and ask people to save the date! But if you want as many people to come to your revival as possible, you need to know how to promote your event on Facebook for maximum results.

Make a Dedicated Page

For starters, you can make a dedicated page for your upcoming church revival event. Making a dedicated Facebook page for the event solves two problems:

  • It gives everyone coming to the event a place to congregate beforehand, exchange information, and organize (i.e., figure out who’s bringing what)
  • It gives people on the fence a page to browse to see what the event will be about, who’s attending, and whether they want to attend

Make a dedicated Facebook page for the event ASAP to get the ball rolling. Use Facebook cover photo templates for the page’s top to decorate it appropriately and to signal what the page is about to new visitors.

Create a Revival Event on Facebook

Your next step to promote your church revival is to make a separate event on Facebook. This isn’t the same thing as a Facebook page for the event. A Facebook event will include a countdown and date, plus regularly show up on your friends’ Facebook pages to remind them of it.

Not only is this a great form of passive promotion on Facebook, but it’s also an excellent way to drum up anticipation for the event among current or prospective event attendees. Your church revival will be more successful if everyone is excited to come when it finally rolls around!

Create an Event Poster

Now it’s time to start promoting on this social media platform. We recommend making a well-designed, quality event poster. Even if you don’t have any design experience, you can use church revival flyer templates from tools like PosterMyWall.

Be sure to make your posters streamlined, straightforward, and to the point. You can include graphics like a picture of your church, attendees singing and dancing, or anything else you like to sell the revival.

Just don’t forget to include your contact information, as well as the date and time of the event, at the bottom of the poster or somewhere else so viewers know where to look! It may be wise to include a link or QR to the Facebook event page mentioned above, as well.

Include an RSVP List

On the Facebook page for the church revival, include an RSVP list that updates automatically as people sign up for the event. An RSVP list increases anticipation and it shows people who aren’t sure whether they will attend just how many people are already committed to going.

For many events like church revivals, attendance is subject to a snowball effect. If enough people start to show up, or at least RSVP that they will, others may follow suit and your revival will have more attendees than you ever imagined!

Post Photos or Videos

No one wants to go to a church revival event that looks boring or unenthusiastic. With that in mind, you should post videos and photos of your church and previous events on your Facebook page.

This kind of organic, candid content is perfect for drawing people who aren’t members of your church to the revival (which is one of the points of a church revival event in the first place). The right photos and videos can make your church seem like a thriving community center and make the revival event welcoming.

What if it’s your first church revival? In that case, just post photos and videos of prior church events, like your last Sunday service. Anything you can do to humanize your church is great.

Comment on the Posts of Church Members

Odds are you’re friends with several of your church members on Facebook and other social media platforms. Take care not to spam your messages, but it’s still a good idea to promote your church revival event on their posts via the comments.

For example, you can link to the event page to bring people to the RSVP button after commenting about whatever your friend posted.


Follow Up After the Meeting

Lastly, you don’t have to stop promoting your church revival on Facebook after it’s finished. Instead, post about what a great experience it was on your own page and encourage your fellow churchgoers to do the same.

This early promotion can help you get things rolling for your next church revival event way ahead of schedule. With a little luck, you’ll also draw new people to your congregation and make your church a more inclusive, popular place than ever.

As you can see, Facebook is the perfect platform to promote any church revival event. Use it to your advantage and your next get-together will be fun and spiritually rejuvenating!

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