Samsung takes design risks, has calculator with history feature and storage capacity is getting better in every new version.

How Samsung is the best mobile phone in the world? Technology is one thing that is running the most in the current ages. The day-by-day inventions attracts the people and make them addict of the technical world. The most used and eye-catching technology is smart phones. We use smart phones on daily basis. Thus, they have become the most essential part of our life and we use it to make calls, to send text messages and the most amazing thing is that they are cost effective. Furthermore, to look at the software demand, they are distributed as android, IOS and windows phones.

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The most used of the are android phones and IOS. The android system is more open source i.e., it is easily customized while the iOS there are barely any system permissions. The leading companies who integrate the software into their systems are Samsung, Apple, LG etc. To emphasis, the most growing techs companies are Samsung and Apple. Let’s compare it globally. Moreover, the question that arises here is which one is the best and Samsung is a world known company. The qualities that make it different are given below.

Amazing Features of Samsung’s Smartphones

  • Samsung take design risks.
  • It has pro camera, which do not have to download or pay third party applications to have professional features.
  • Pop view of applications, split screen feature.
  • Calculator with history.
  • Multiple navigation bar.
  • Lighter designs with bigger screens
  • Productivity like note phones with s-pen
  • Robust theming features
  • Free themes
  • Better creators to different market segments
  • Budget segment is cost effective
  • Long lasting battery
  • Storage capacity is getting better day by day
  • More advance features for locking phones like AI-techniques
  • Ease of use
  • Can share power to other mobile
  • Dual core quality
  • Samsung pay feature
  • Short cuts features

iOS versus Android

These features ensure that Samsung is better to have a use. The most attaining quality is the friendly user interface. But on global basis the iOS is most used mobile the fact that is to consider is that its security. As android is an open source that threats the privacy. Resource management of iOS is more impressive than android. Efficiency of iOS is comparatively more than android.

The eco system of iOS is the smartest technology like air pods that works on Bluetooth connectivity operations. The safari provides the continuity. If we see the general prospective, the users of iPhone are globally more than Samsung, the reason is clear and that is security. The iCloud security is attracting the mobile users to shift their interest from android to iOS. Under these global circumstances, we cannot predict that weather Samsung is best mobile in the current wave or not.

To compare the users the average annual income of iOS is about $200k while that of android is $50-$100k. which show that the global market is demanding iOS more than android. The monetization strategy shown that google apps are leading the ground as its downloads increase up to 10%. The statics have also shown that 86.1% of the sold phones to end users were android powered. Hence, the prediction about the best and worst is still confusing. The multiple choice of users decides the effectivity of the product and its demand in the market.

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