There are two types of separate business models for trade including individual and wholesale accounts for sellers.

How can you open your business account on Amazon? You need to specifically understand the basics of trading for each account.

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What is Amazon PL Account?·

Amzon PL (Private Label) is one of the most common Amazon business models where you create or introduce your own brand.· In this model, you usually source your product from China (un-patented so that you can make it as your product after some changes).· This model needs relatively higher amount of investment to launch in big market like USA or UK as the steps to launch a new brand are not few.· Usually, a good PL launch in US or UK market must have an investment of $15-25K. People are doing it on much cheaper investment but they are not recommended as we can face some constraints down the road.· The return on PL stores is much higher comparing to other ones, because once your brand (listing) gets ranked, you can expect high profit.

What is Amazon Wholesale?·

In Amazon wholesale, you don’t create a new brand/listing. You find a supplier (already known brand) and sell their products on Amazon.· To start selling, you just need a good supplier and his permission to sell their products.· This model requires very low investment comparatively as you work on already created/ranked listing.· Amazon wholesale can be launched with investment as low as $2K (yes, you read it right!).· The return on wholesale is usually not that much as compared to PL but with the right strategy and suppliers, you can hit the jackpot.· Those who do not have high investment at the moment, they can start with wholesale to start saving and then launch a big PL brand.

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