Pakistani people have a lot of potentials that they haven’t realised yet. Under the cover of the technological revolution in Pakistan, brilliance is in evolution. Now that technology has filled the holes, Pakistan is home to overwhelming start-ups and companies. The best Pakistani Tech startups of 2021 receive attention from to Bykea due to their comfort in living.

Here we discuss the best Pakistani Tech startups of 2021, not just Pakistani but also designed to bring added value to people’s lives.

Don’t doubt it since all these start-ups are active and perform their bit to increase the credibility of Pakistan in the technological sector.

Best Pakistani Tech Startups of 2021

Let’s find out the names and how they aid us without further giving too much away.

Air Lift – Easy to travel

Nobody wants to reach the office, which puts their lives on public buses, their comfort zones and the traffic pollution in danger. By creating a dependable and secure route for Pakistanis, Airlift has taken up the challenge of addressing this problem.

Now on all the roads, you can notice that their immaculate airlift cars, hi-roofs and buses with their attractive logo are clean and smooth.

Only your seat must be reserved on the app and at that time they pick you up from your stop. Right now, its services go to Karachi and Lahore, but soon they will extend them across Pakistan. It is one of the economical alternatives for everyday drivers who seek a cheap, pleasant and comfortable journey. – The Shopping Galleria

After its launch in 2012, Daraz first built waves in Pakistan’s e-commerce sector. They have developed into Pakistan’s largest online shopping platform since then, with a network across Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, and throughout Asia. The company aimed to give sellers and buyers across the country a secure and efficient online marketplace platform. They just started as an online fashion retail platform and have evolved into a comprehensive one-stop solution for all your shopping requirements throughout the years. Daraz is proud that he is not simply another Asian e-commerce company.

In order to ensure that consumers get the greatest online shopping experience and value for their transactions, they work hard. You can anticipate easy navigation, personalised suggestions and a fluid online shopping experience whether you shop online through our website or our online mobile shopping application.

DigiSkills.Pk – Tech Skills Training Program

Digital Pakistan is the highest trend for 2020, however, the half population of Pakistan still doesn’t know about digital talents like freelance, digital marketing, internet business and creative writing. is an effort by the government where they have brought together digital professionals to educate students on the qualifications they need to make money on the Internet. AutoCAD and graphical platform design provide free training for students by enrolling in courses, ranging from creative writing to independence.

The weekly tests and tasks provide you with greater insight into your expertise. The best thing, following the successful completion of the course you will also receive your certification.

It is the best government programme to develop Pakistan’s corporate culture.

Islam 360 – Search Engine Quran and Hadith

We all want to be a good Muslim, but it may be a bit frightening to choose the books and locate the correct resources to study. Islam 360 has been built by an avid Pakistani Zahid Hussain Chippa, a full search engine for Qur’an and Hadith.

This software lets you recite the Surahs and Parahs, discover the qibla for Namaz, read the word by word translations of Taqi Usmani, Abul Ala Maududi, Ibne Kaseer and Dr. Israr Ahmed’s and Mufti M. Sayeed’s audio-tafseer.

In addition, 99 Allah’s and Hadith names may be found in audio format in daily Dua’s also. If you’re concerned about information validity then you know that Ulemas from all over the globe certified the app.

The software has been much appreciated by users and I adore it for the easiness with which you have access to Islamic data.

Car First – Used cars rapid selling in Pakistan

The first automatic automobile dealer platform in Pakistan is Car First. You may accomplish it using the site whether you want to sell or purchase your Used Car. You have a safe, simple and quick procedure to purchase and sell for people who select them. They are easy and helpful to sell.

Book an examination with them and their specialists will provide you with a reasonable cost and will enable you to sell your automobile straight away. The sales centres are located in Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad and Faisalabad. – A Handy Travel App

Whether you’re looking for a vacation to experience Karachi activities, to feel Islamabad’s calm or to enjoy snorkelling, is the best travel planner. If you have no buddies to participate, you do not have to worry since they can organise others with the same mentality to enjoy the trip.

Five people are dedicated to creating a reliable travel platform that links Pakistan’s stunning scenery with Pakistan’s rich culture. Founded in 2016, the site became huge and was easily accessible with word of mouth promotion.

The Problem Solver – Hukum Janab App

Hukum Janab is your magic lantern, and the app will be ordered by a mechanic to repair your AC or to fix the automobile at your house. This is a rescuer. He is a saviour. The app can aid when you have no choice, from changing your automobile in the middle of the night and providing you with towing and coach washing.

If you’re trapped someplace, get a mechanic on the app to repair your troubles in 30 minutes. Now they are just in Karachi for their services.

The best thing is they’re not going to send amateurs to solve the problems because they all have a qualified staff of mechanics. They are actively involved in their social media and they are available to you 24/7.

Citizen Portal – App to Empower People

A new vision has been reorganised to encourage citizen-centred and participative governance, created in 2013, by the Prime Minister’s Performance Delivery Unit, PMDU. PMDU is a pioneer in the development of national complaints and a complaints remedial system with a focus on facilitating Pakistani, women, individuals and foreigners abroad. The main aim of the Unit is to enable citizens to interact effortlessly and to address their problems with priority in accordance with the Government’s vision.

The Department will enable a culture of quantifiable performance management to be established and different government organisations to be responsible for their task. Furthermore, for the sake of ensuring public facilitation, the Unit will present proposals for amending and simplifying burdensome official processes as demonstrated by this database.

The Unit seeks to ensure that all feasible aid from interacting government organisations is provided to registered citizens/members on Pakistan Citizen’s Portal (PCP). Citizens/members may have proposals for bringing concerns or complaints before the authorities or for reporting infractions of laws or for seeking assistance, etc. The unit has the primary task to guarantee the fair and effective handling of any complaints and suggestions by the organisations concerned. This handbook helps government organisations to react efficiently to the issues mentioned on the portal. is one of the best Pakistani Startups of 2021 with a mission to make Pakistan’s e-ticketing system clear, simple and efficient. It has never been a hassle-free process to get a bus or an aeroplane ticket. It always was consuming, whether it was to drive to a bus station or go to a tour operator to buy your ticket beforehand or stay in long lineups. has made these processes quick and straightforward via its e-ticketing technology.

The user-friendly application allows our clients to search and reserve their tickets within a few easy clicks in every accessible choice. has been chosen as the #2 travel and ticketing platform in Pakistan and is one of the most utilised bookmaking applications. – The Food Delivery Service

Cheetay is an indigenous technology business in Pakistan that seeks to make people’s lives comfortable and to alter their way of living. We are determined to take your life away from the worldly, unpleasant and dull times so you may concentrate on what matters genuinely. In so much as they are to ask: “How did we ever live before Cheetay?,” we strive to enhance the lives of users?

Cheetay is a collection of dreamers who get together to create a better and happier place in the world.

Wrapping Up

This post shows our top choices for the Best Pakistani Tech Startups of 2021. These start-ups and firms take various strategies to innovate the IT sector, but all of these are outstanding enterprises that are worthy of follow-up. We have attempted to select firms from cutting-edge enterprises to established names along the spectrum.

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