Peloton, Uber, Facebook, Lyft, Google, Amazon, Apple and Zoom are also on the list.

These Tech Stocks are performing super high. This is amazing as the stocks market was going down earlier. However, the increase in the stock strength shows that market trends are getting better. These stocks vary as different technology companies brought about good market results.

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The strongest response came from Uber whose stocks got a raise of 12% in day to day trading. The tech company Docusign got a raise of 11% whereas the social media giant Facebook has seen a raise of 9% in its stock.

The ride hailing service Lyft is also in the line. It got a raise of 9%. The other tech giant Adobe also took a raise of 9%. Further, the global payments gateway Paypal also saw a raise of 6%. A number of other companies also join Paypal in the same raise category which includes Zoom, Microsoft, Amazon and Salesforce.

Although, these tech giants got a good raise, the appliances leader Apple just saw a 4% raise in its share value. The company, Teladoc also saw its value raise by 4%. Moreover, Pinterest, Netflix and Spotify also saw a raise of 3% in their value.

Overall, the performance of these tech companies has been very well as the market was showing lower results in the last week.

This is the exact stock performance of different companies:

  • Uber: +12%
  • Docusign: +11%
  • Facebook: +9%
  • Lyft: +9%
  • Adobe: +9%
  • Wix: +8%
  • Google: +7%
  • Zoom: +6%
  • Microsoft: +6%
  • Amazon: +6%
  • Salesforce: +6%
  • PayPal: +6%
  • Etsy: +5%
  • Shopify: +5%
  • Peloton: +5%
  • Apple: +4%
  • Teladoc: +4%
  • Pinterest: +3%
  • Netflix: +3%
  • Spotify: +3%
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