Last year, the pandemic COVID-19 attacked the globe and resulted in an upward and downward trend. Many great entrepreneurs in India have tried their ideas and explored their company prospects. While some of them were unsuccessful, the others prospered. India encourages the development of start-ups. In this write-up, we will discuss the best Indian Tech startups of 2021. Since they have low-cost, highly trained labour, national and international investment financing and growth prospects.

In 2021, start-up financing reached a new level. Besides the large risk capitalists, the institutional investors and the pension funds also invest in many new internet companies. In January-March 2021, around $4.4 billion was invested in Indian start-ups, which is 26 per cent higher than the previous year’s investment, in the same quarter.

The country currently has more unicorns from startups, including businesses from the healthcare industry, social trade, banking and more. Unicorn businesses are start-ups valued at above $1 billion.

We have compiled the best Indian Tech Startups of 2021 consists of few companies which are among the top startups. Over the years these firms have endured tremendously and are seeking further expansion.

Best Indian Tech Startups of 2021

India is the world’s 3rd largest start-up ecosystem. The figures are more than 11000 by 2020 from about 3000 start-ups in 2014.


Cash Free – Best Indian Tech Startups of 2021

Cashfree is a payments and banking technology firm that makes online payments and payouts possible for businesses in India. Cashfree allows more than 50,000 enterprises with payment collections, payments for sellers, salary payouts, payouts for fast loans. Cred, BigBasket, Zomato, HDFC Ergo, Ixigo, Acko, Zoomcar, Delhivery are the major online users for the Cash Free market, for instance.


Classplus – Best Indian Tech Startups of 2021

Classplus is the first mobile SaaS platform that allows private coaching institutions, via a single platform, to simplify video distribution, payments, communication and online evaluations. It came from the drive to rethink this country’s involvement in the classroom. The tasks of a tutor should be streamlined, the learning curves of a child individualised and the parent continuously updated.


Credolab – Best Indian Tech Startups of 2021

CredoLab creates bank-grade digital scorecards at the convergence of financial services for banks, lenders, later payers, e-commerce and hail-driven businesses and other industries. Our AI-based system builds on more than 22 million loan applications from over 70 credit partners and brings together millions of opt-in, anonymous smartphone and online behaviour information to discover the most predictory behaviour patterns before they can be converted into loan ratings.


Interviewbit – Best Indian Tech Startups of 2021

InterviewBit is an online platform that educates students and young professionals on the necessary skills for technological employment, helps them beat recruitment procedures and gives references to the finest possibilities available worldwide in the software sector. InterviewBit now has more than one million software engineers with more than 300,000 active monthly users enrolled. More than 600 global organisations, including Google, Uber, Amazon, Facebook, Flipkart, Myntra and Dunzo, partner with InterviewBit to meet their recruitment objectives. – Best Indian Tech Startups of 2021 is a software business providing the contemporary digital enterprise with an intelligent and comprehensive AI-powered platform. It enables companies to automate processes using smart robots to identify and adapt change-based automated scenarios. This enables companies to make more effective use of their personnel without worrying about vital duties, but without adding any value to the system. JiffyRPA has enabled clients to reach close to 90% of automation, from unstructured data collected in various forms to cognitive choices and the use of NLP and ML-based algorithms. This is important because most previous RPA systems are regulatory and reach lower automation levels primarily for complicated procedures.


PharmEasy – Best Indian Tech Startups of 2021

PharmEasy is an Indian online pharmacy and medical shop specialising in OTC, diagnostic and medical devices. The firm was established in 2015 and has witnessed tremendous development in Mumbai, Maharashtra since then. It is an online pharmacy containing all the products you may think of in a medical offline store.

The company was an essential service that led to its rise during the COVID-19 epidemic. Its rivals include 1mg and Netmeds in India. This business in healthcare technology raised a huge 350 million dollars to become India’s first Epharmacy unicorn. After the PharmEasy merger with its rival Medlife, the financing was boosted.


Groww – Best Indian Tech Startups of 2021

Groww is a platform for investing clients in stocks, ETFs, mutual funds, IPOs and more on its platform. The platform operates both on mobile and on the Internet. Four former employees of Flipkart started the firm in 2016, who saw the difficulty of investing in India. This has made Groww start, which has already enrolled more than 15 million people. More than 60% of the firm is owned by smaller Indian cities which have never invested previously, according to Groww. Lalit Keshre, as founded by one of the founders, is not just utilised in subway towns in India. All major cities around the country are youthful and working-class that wish to invest their hard-earned money.


Khatabook – Best Indian Tech Startups of 2021

Khatabook is the fastest growing Indian SaaS startup, allowing micro, medium-sized and small enterprises to enhance productivity and cut expenses with secure business and financial solutions. The industry recognised that it had helped to transform the commercial environment of India and in February 2020 it was presented with the India Digital Awards with the “Best Innovative Mobile App” award 2020. Established in 2018, Khatabook has over 20+ million registered users and is available currently in 11+ languages.


Udaan – Best Indian Tech Startups of 2021

In 2016 Udaan was created as a technological startup offering B2B e-commerce solutions. The firm has developed a network of more than three million consumers in 900 locations, starting with the former executives of Flipkart, Sujeet Kumar, Vaibhav Gupta and Amod Malviya. It helps to connect over 25,000 Indian merchants. Thousands of brands have been registered, including Boat Lifestyle, PepsiCo, LG, ITC, and many more. The firm has become a unicorn in 2018 and over the shortest amount of time. Recently Udaan’s current and new investors raised $280 million. The firm has raised a total of 1.15 billion dollars and is worth over 3.1 billion dollars.


Swiggy – Best Indian Tech Startups of 2021

Swiggy is a well-known brand. Imagine you’re working for a cheesecake after lunch on a Monday. Swiggy makes it easy even when sitting at home to satisfy your needs. Swiggy is India’s biggest food delivery platform and has a partnership with over 40,000 foodstuffs in 27 cities. Based in Bangalore, the firm has just raised 800 million dollars and is currently estimated at around five billion dollars.

The target market for the firm has also increased to 50 million during the timeframe, which for Swiggy is a lifelong opportunity. In 2014, while Zomato was already in the market, the food supply services only began with 5 delivery kids and 25 restaurant partners. In less than 4 years, however, the firm has become one-starter start-ups and Zomato has fought very hard. The success of the firm is based on its wonderful customer experience value chain.

The above is one of the Best Indian Tech Startups of 2021. The list can continue since many startups in India are performing their sectors extremely effectively. To mention a few, CureFit and other names are Flipkart, Ola cabs, InMobi and FirstCry. The creation of these start-ups was pushed by the global economy’s increased strength, the millions of new clients, India’s new worldwide presence, and education.

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