The gaming industry is also helping you in finding your partner who has similar choices

There’s an Increasing Trend of Finding Love on Online Games. It can be considered true; couples that play together, stay together. Divided by borders and cultures, united by online gaming platforms. The traditional way of meeting people, befriending them, and then in turn fall in love is completely changing. It is becoming increasingly common to forge long-lasting friendships on online gaming platforms. Some people are lucky enough to find more than that, they found the person they wanted to spend their entire life with. 

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Today, meeting someone new and getting wowed by their cool avatar and persona doesn’t sound out of the ordinary. For most of us, the virtual gaming world is a great place to meet someone new and form a deep friendship and then ultimately a romantic relationship. Online role-playing platforms allow gamers to feel safe and more confident while interacting with other players. You can interact with the other person you want to since it is a controlled environment. To those lone rangers who prefer to play single-player games, this might seem a bizarre idea but for numerous people out there, online games can be a real thing for finding their life-long companion.

Research shows, they are much more confident in social interaction than in real life. This is because on such platforms they can be exactly how they want others to see them. It covers their insecurities, physical, social, financial. The character or avatar is chosen is the self-projection of yourself, your ideal self. On the platform, the player outs out the best of himself. Whereas in real life, you have to fight your nerves to go on that first date. 

Found love through Online Games

Timothy and Johnathan happily married for the last 4 years and now living in Toronto, first met on World of Warcraft in February 2009. Tiffany just got out of a bad marriage and decided to try role-playing. She wanted to experience a life where she can be someone else for a while. While planning attacks and saving their characters, Jonathan and Tiffany bonded. It was like they made their world in the game. Starting going on game quests together, talked about music. They both agreed on not having video chats or meeting for a while. Moreover, they became close but considered to be each other’s “good friends”. They started dating and after 7 years, Jonathan proposed to Tiffany. This is one of many examples of how couples and marriages are formed. 

According to experts, the avatars allow us to freely connect with people without having to worry about their judgment. It is easy to communicate with the other person without worrying about other things and form a relationship that is truly due to a bond or a strong connection. But this is not true for every couple. Many relationships dissolve quickly when the gamers realize, after meeting the other, that their partners are very different in real life. Things are quite different in real life when you interact with human individuals and not the avatar. It is safe to meet each other briefly, can be in a public place, if you plan on moving forward to the next step with your avatar friend. 

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