This article shares a personal experience of using several hosting services.

Why FastComet is Best Hosting Service? Well, there is a reason we’re putting up this piece. It is not something of a regular article. Rather, it is a form of appreciation for FastComet for their amazing service and support for its users. What we experienced was amazing and helpful. The story goes like this:

I am a new entrepreneur trying to venture into the world of domains, hosting and technology. And, I’m not much aware of many of the basics of a website. I can handle WordPress but I cannot deal with many aspects of backend. So, I do require support.

And I do create troubles for myself. I did it on April 10 as well. I was installing some plugins and while trying to activate something, my site was gone. Literally, 2 years of hard work was nowhere on the website. I did troubleshooting. I did ask some friends. All in vain. And, I contact the support of FastComet and it’s all settled within minutes. Surely, we are adding FastComet in our list of BEST WEB HOSTING PROVIDERS IN 2021.

I would add here that I have had experience of leading domain and hosting companies around the world. Well, there are only a few that provide super fast support for managing any issues.

What to expect at FastComet?

As they advertise, “Up to 300x faster SSD performance and free 24/7 Premium Support. Server locations all around the world: USA, UK, India, the Netherlands, Japan, & Singapore.” Truly, they are super fast in terms of websites. You can host at FastComet and relax as there are no downtimes. Plus, the service is user friendly. Their CPanel is as easy to use and even a non-technical person can easily manage their websites without any significant input from a technical resource.

We have a reason why we say that FastComet is Best Hosting Service.

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