At an online event, Microsoft announced Windows 11, its operating system for the “next generation.” There are many new features of Windows 11 including the running of Android apps on the Workstation for Windows.

Microsoft stated on Thursday that it will be available somewhere in November 2021 before or about the Christmas season to disclose its target release date to customers. The company also announced that certain Windows 10 PC owners may update to Windows 11 free of charge after beta testing is complete.

While Microsoft originally claimed that Windows 10 was the last Windows iteration, the company has chosen to set up an update with a new version number, which includes the redesigning user interface.

Naturally, as this is early development, many problems and broken functionality should be expected. Aspects must be discovered and fixed for all users before the implementation of the stable version.

The New Features of Windows 11

System Requirements for Windows 11

As far as system specifications are concerned, customers who expect the update will require Windows 10 with a dual-core CPU at least and 1GHz clock speed, 4 RAM channels, 64GB of inbuilt storage, DirectX12 compatibility and a 9-inch or bigger screen of at least 1366 x 768 pixels in resolution.

features of windows 11
features of windows 11

Windows 11 will ultimately be just 64-bit. This does not mean that 32-bit programmes are not available, but that 32-bit processors are not allowed to install the operating system. As 64-bit CPUs first made their appearance on the consumer market 18 years ago, the 32-bit OS compatibility is very OK. Minimum criteria are up: currently, modules for TPM 2.0 are needed and a Microsoft account is necessary for Windows 10 Home clients.

Windows 11: Crisp look and Tricks At a Glance

The new design style is introduced by Windows 11 and is evident from the start menu. The taskbar is centred, inspired by macOS. The active tiles have vanished, the edges are softened, clarity and aesthetic appeal are heavier, and Microsoft chooses to enjoy more launches like Android. Moreover, here there are also a few noteworthy functional modifications. Microsoft launches Snap Layouts with Windows 11. These are predefined multi-window arrangements for multi-task split screen.

In addition, with the new option Snap Groups, Windows 11 will recall where all the programmes are saved. It starts automatically when users detach and reattach to an external display and bring the screenshots back from the beginning. Finally, Microsoft adds the capacity to establish numerous desktops, enabling people to have distinct profiles on their home screen for work, playing and teaching.

Windows 11 is also a core experience that integrates Microsoft teams. The teamwork and work software comes pre-installed with the new Windows update, but the main focus is on offering a platform for customers to keep in contact with family and friends. So Microsoft puts the team’s chat function in the taskbar. To improve the gaming experience, Windows 11 supports DirectX 12 Ultimate for sharper visuals, DirectStorage for quick charging and an automated HDR feature for enhancing colour and contrast. The latter will be useful for older choppy graphic games.

An even more major change is the enhancement of a special feed to the left that tries to pull content from the Edge browser and acts on Android phones in the same way that Google Discover is. It will be composed in the form of modules by news, weather and other material, and all these controls will be placed in a glass-like window. Finally, there was also a big design renovation at the Microsoft Store. In addition to apps, material like TV, games, and movies will also be displayed in the stores, and all of them are nicely structured and reachable via a distinct tab on the left, and continuously.

Windows 11 will also provide users with all the basic functions of Android applications like Video sharing Apps to work. These applications will open as they are designed for usage on a phone and are provided via the Amazon Appstore in a portrait-oriented way. These are all the big changes, with many smaller changes planned in Windows 11, which means updating users quite a lot.

PC Gaming Gets the Best Features of the Xbox

With Microsoft having two of the world’s largest games available, Windows for PC gaming and the Xbox, it would be more important to combine the two. So, eventually, this is more realistic for Windows 11.

Xbox gaming Windows 11
Xbox gaming Windows 11

Windows 11 will introduce two enhancements to the Xbox game on your PC. The first one is the DirectStorage API of the firm, which allows games to load data into their GPU’s memory directly, which reduces load times dramatically. The procedure is a bit more complex than that quick explanation actually sounds, but you need far less time waiting for hardware and games to enable it.

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