ChatGPT has created a huge opportunity for everyone; whether the creators or content writers, marketers or entrepreneurs.

11 Ways to Use ChatGPT is what you can simply do with this new technology. Whether you are a creator, a content maker, a marketer, an entrepreneur or a home based freelancer. ChatGPT offers something for everyone.

Techolds shares 11 creative uses for chatGPT in everyday life:

  1. Quickly Create a Personalized Cover Letter and Resume: Writing a customized resume and cover letter for each job you apply for is one of the most exhausting aspects of the job application process if you are currently looking for work. Sadly, you cannot just write one copy for each job. One of the quickest online resume creation methods is ChatGPT. In just a few seconds, it can help alleviate the burden of customizing each resume for each job posting.
  2. Create Original Humor- Without a little fun, what is life? ChatGPT can be useful if you’re looking for a good time or funny jokes to make your friends laugh or both. Although AI chatbots aren’t exactly known for being funny, ChatGPT does show some promise.
  3. Step-by-Step Guide to Solving Complex Math Problems- ChatGPT is particularly adept at handling math, whether you want to solve simple math problems that are too difficult to piece together or complex algebra problems. For the best results, you will need to present your issues in a clear and concise manner.
  4. Get Advice on Relationships- Like any AI system, ChatGPT is unable to precisely comprehend emotions. However, it can still offer helpful advice for managing relationships with loved ones, friends, and family. If you give it the right prompts, it can be your personal therapist or relationship expert.
  5. Give detailed explanations- Sometimes, all you can do to get a clear understanding of a subject is search it on Google. Think about topics from your Master’s program like wormholes, dark matter, and all the theories that make your head spin. Or it could be a bizarre sport whose rules you don’t understand. They might be easier to understand with the help of ChatGPT.
  6. Write music in almost any genre- ChatGPT’s “learned creativity” is one of its greatest strengths. ChatGPT, in contrast to other AI solutions, focuses on more than just soulless robotic concepts. It also knows how to do creative things, like write music. Almost any song in most major musical genres can be written.
  7. Write code, debug it, and explain it- There will always be bugs in your code, no matter how experienced or inexperienced you are. You can save hours of searching for a missing comma by using ChatGPT to narrow down the issue in your code. You can also start from scratch and write whole blocks of functional code snippets. However, it’s possible that putting ChatGPT code on a production server isn’t the best option.
  8. Create Content in More Than One Language- If you’re a content creator who wants to reach a larger audience, ChatGPT might be a great tool for you if you want to create content in more than one language. Although Google Translate is available, writing in one language and translating to another may result in the loss of a lot of context and language-specific tones. Content in multiple languages can be directly created using ChatGPT.
  9. Write Essays on Almost Any Subject- Although we strongly encourage you to write your own essays, ChatGPT is able to write outstanding essays on a wide range of subjects, including the most difficult ones.
  10. Prepare for a Job Interview- ChatGPT is one of the best AI tools for preparing for a job interview because it has a wealth of knowledge in a variety of fields. It is possible to use it to come up with hypothetical scenarios for a job interview, potential questions, intelligent responses to potential questions, and numerous other helpful interview preparation tips.
  11. A Chat Companion- In the end, ChatGPT is just an AI chatbot. You’ll find that ChatGPT is a very accommodating companion whenever you need to talk to a person or a robot, despite the fact that its applications are almost endless.

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We have derived this list. Please feel free to share your own views in the comments below.

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