Every one of us uses their phones while charging without knowing the consequences!

Is it OK to use your phone while charging? This is a question that doesn’t arise in our minds as we are all quite busy in our daily routines. Yet, it poses some threats that we all must know. You may then decide to whether use the phones or not when they are being charged. So, let us take a peek into the assembly of mobile phones.

Functionality of Mobile Phones

Mobile phones are actually low powered devices. The apps in the android or the iPhones pull out very less power from the batteries in mobiles. But when you connect it directly to a mobile charger and use it, there are fluctuations seen in smaller amounts of charge, which flows from the socket to the mobile using the charger/adapter. The function of the charger here is to limit the power to certain voltage from the socket which is required by that specific mobile.


This variation, even in small amounts, is very bad for the battery health of the mobile on a long run. This is somewhat a reason for the mobiles to get heated up sooner, when you use the mobile when you’re charging.

Can batteries burst during phone usage?

Some years back there were many issues regarding bursting of the batteries in a mobile phone. Presently, to a certain limit that news is being reduced as companies are investing well in the battery performance. Knowing this, it’s very dangerous to be on a call while charging.

To avoid all such heating and battery issues, make sure you don’t allow your phone to get heated up. Sometimes, the mobiles which are around 2 years old or so, gets heated up after some time just by plugging in to the charge port without even using it. It happens when you keep it for too long plugged in. Make sure to stop charging whenever you find your mobile heated up and leave it to cool for some time. Frequently use the optimization settings provided by your manufacturer to improve your overall mobile health. Make sure to turn off the background processes once your finish using them and delete those apps which uses more battery power.

Battery Life of Mobile Phones

Most of the manufacturers provide you with many battery saver settings, make sure to use them. One more battery life improvement trick is, never allow your device to charge to a full 100% and never allow it to fall down below 40%. Your mobile will usually perform very well when it is in 40% charge state and 25% below is somewhat a warning for your mobile to plugin for charging.

These are some of the basic things to improve your battery life which indirectly improves the overall performance of the mobile. In majority of the mobiles which are being manufactured currently, you cannot remove the batteries. In such a case, when your battery’s life is decreasing, it’s time to plan for a new phone.

It helps to increase the performance of your mobile.

Who do phones heat up?

So, there are somethings you need to know about phones heating up:

1. Using the phone while charging can easily cause the phone to heat up.

Especially when running large-scale games or HD videos, the phone generates a lot of heat, but the heat dissipation capacity of phone is limited, and the heat generated by charging will cause the phone to heat up. As the phone heats up, charging will slow down.

2. Using the phone while charging may shorten the battery life.

As mentioned above, using your phone while charging can cause your phone to heat up. If the battery is charged at a high temperature for a long time, the battery life will be shortened, and the battery may even be damaged.

3. Using the phone while charging will slow down the charging speed.

If your phone is not being used while charging, almost all the power is supplied to the battery, and the charging speed will be faster. If you are using your phone while charging, there will be a lot of ongoing operations on your phone, it will directly draw power from the charger, and the current supplied to the battery will be reduced, causing the charging speed to be significantly slower.

4. Using the phone while charging may cause the USB charging port of the phone to be loose.

When playing games that require complex game operation, such as PUBG, Honor of Kings and etc. our hands would easily touch the USB port, and if we touch harder, the USB port may get abraded or damaged, which cause impedance anomaly within the charging link and in the end the phone can only be charged slowly or even can’t be charged.

Should you use phone while it is charging?

Well, it does make a difference. Though, it’s very small but there is it. The phone will continue charging but a slower rate while you’re using it. Best to leave it charging without using for a quicker charge.

And try not to leave it connected to the charger once charged, doing that will ultimate reduce the life of your battery.

Does it affect the battery?

Nope. In fact, the phone is designed for that. And depending on how much you load the phone and what kind of power you have connected, you may not be doing much charging.

It’s useful to note that the “charger” you are using is actually just a DC power supply. You supply power to the phone, and the phone’s power management system decides how to use it. If there’s a load on the phone, it will be drawn from the power dongle, not the battery. Current is either flowing into the battery or out of it, not both at the same time. So when you use the phone while plugged in, the power needed to run the phone runs the phone and what’s left over can be used for charging.

A phone that’s used when plugged in is saving a tiny bit of that battery’s wear. However, the battery does wear just a bit faster sitting there on a full charge. So my thinking is that for heavy use, you’re better off plugged in, for light use, you’re probably better off unplugged.

The life of your battery

The life of your battery is based on the limited number of charge/discharge cycles the battery can handle before it fails — they battery wears a tiny bit when charged, wears a tiny big when discharged, heck it wears out just a bit sitting there doing nothing. That’s the battery technology we have today. And particularly for lithium-ion batteries, they’ll die very quickly if they go to a zero charge. So you can’t actually say that charging the battery is killing it, since that charging process is to prevent a very quick battery death.


Hypothetically at least, slow charging isn’t necessarily any better for the battery than proper fast charging, but it’s certainly no worse. The real enemy in fast charging is heat, and a good fast charging system is monitoring heat and backing off if the phone gets too hot. But given the demand for fast charging, it’s more in the phone maker’s interest to charge quickly than it is to make your battery last a long time. So we can say that we’re a little suspicious of some of the fast charging systems these days… monitor the heat yourself and, if the phone gets uncomfortably hot, it’s almost certainly shortening your battery life.

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