The new updates are effective from 01 May 2022 reportedly.

Google updates AdSense Terms and Conditions. For this, Google has sent out an email to all AdSense users. In the email Google AdSense simply states, “The AdSense Terms and Conditions have been updated. Please accept the new terms in order to continue using AdSense.”

Google is identifying you as a Single Entity on AdSense

It clearly states, “you” or “publisher” means the individual or entity using the Services (and/or any individual, agent, employee, representative, network, parent, subsidiary, affiliate, successor, related entities, assigns, or all other individuals or entities acting on your behalf), at your direction, under your control, or under the direction or control of the same individual or entity who controls you). It means Google is now identifying you as a single entity on AdSense.

Google may seek more information

It adds, “We have the right to refuse or limit your access to the Services. In order to verify your Account, from time-to-time we may ask for additional information from you, including, but not limited to, verification of your name, address, and other identifying information.”

So, Google is ensuring to get more and more information. The purpose is pretty simple. Google wants to ensure that all its rules and guidelines are followed.

AdSense allows a single account for each user

“You may only have one Account. If you (including those under your direction or control) create multiple Accounts, you will not be entitled to further payment from Google, and your Accounts will be subject to termination, pursuant to the provisions below,” is a clear statement. Google can terminate multiple AdSense accounts for a single person.

Payments for Google AdSense

Section 5 & 6 of Google AdSense Terms and Conditions deal with payments. The Section 5 clearly states that Google AdSense payments are applicable if the account is compliant with Google’s policies.

It states that you will receive a payment related to the number of valid clicks on Ads displayed on your Properties, the number of valid impressions of Ads displayed on your Properties, or other valid events performed in connection with the display of Ads on your Properties, only if and when Google determines that your Properties have remained in compliance with the AdSense Terms (including all AdSense Policies as identified in Section 1 above) for the entirety of the period for which payment is made and through to the date that the payment is issued.

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No Third Party Payments

The Google contract clearly stops you from any direct or indirect arrangement with a third party for Google AdSense’s earning. It states, “Unless expressly authorized in writing by Google, you may not enter into any type of arrangement with a third party where that third party receives payments made to you under the AdSense Terms or other financial benefit in relation to the Services.”

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