Google announced the suspension through its platforms on 11 May 2022.

Google suspends over 5.6 million advertiser accounts. The suspension comes amid several fake, misleading and suspicious accounts of Google users. The suspended accounts number is whopping 5.6 million. However, more interestingly, it also includes 3.4 billon advertisements.

Google made the announcement through its platform. It states, “Your safety is at the top of our list when we make decisions about ads — which is why last year we removed over 3.4 billion ads & suspended over 5.6 million advertiser accounts.”

The report claims that user safety is the primary concern of Google. Further, its thousands of employees are constantly reviewing the content on all its channels. It raises the concern that user behavior is also under consideration within Google.

Google also states that its enforcement strategies are constantly evolving as it reviews the user behavior. Moreover, it also evolves to deal with any new threats to user security.

Google Ads

It further announced, “We also blocked or restricted ads from serving on 1.7 billion publisher pages, and took broader site-level enforcement action on approximately 63,000 publisher sites.” It is a huge number considering millions of publishers across the world.

It also updates the users that Google has taken strict measures on any content on Russia Ukraine war. Google asks the publisher that they shouldn’t support Russia in the war.

It has removed eight million ads related to the war in Ukraine under the sensitive event policy. It has also removed ads from more than 60 state-funded media sites across its platforms.

Google also states that it has observed a significant fraudulent activity on its advertiser accounts since the start of coronavirus pandemic. It states, “We continued to see bad actors operate with more sophistication and at a greater scale, using a variety of tactics to evade our detection.”

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To handle it, Google states that it is applying a multipronged approach by identifying the identity of advertisers. Google is also ensuring that its program policies are followed in spirit. It means that the sophisticated tools will help Google bust any fake or malicious advertising campaigns in the future.

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How can Google suspend someone account? Isn’t it illegal?

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