This may be the most important tool of the fifth generation warfare.

How social media is taking your privacy away? We know a fact that everything has pros and cons, this clarify that usage of a particular thing must be followed by its proper guidance with all its useful and harmful effects. Social media is one of the most useable things that has been ruling over the minds of people. Almost everyone, no matters how young or how old he is, are grasped in this social jail. There are many things to notice that are being ignored somehow. We all know a fact that excess of anything is bad.

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Considering the saying, we must notice that how social media can harm us? As in the world of advancement, everything is under control of technology. We are under the pressure of time and need shortcuts for everything we want to achieve. Let’s take glimp of harms that we are ignoring while facilitating ourselves as to save time and efforts. Some of the facts are as follows:

  • Threat to your privacy.
  • Cyber-crime suspects.
  • Inappropriate content that can influence the minds of youngsters towards the bad path.
  • Hacking
  • Lacking relations and emotions.
  • Promotes laziness
  • Can be distraction
  • Can affect your health

Cyber Crime and Privacy

Now, for a brief understanding, we’ll take a closer look at it. Privacy is one thing that is the most considered thing to be taken as the priority. Everyone wants their private things to be at most secure place. Social media can be an alert towards your privacy. People who are in the game of cyber-crime can be a threat of privacy issues.

As the world is growing fast, people are more technical and are more interested in getting the details of how things work actually. In the brief of which some people use it in the wrong way. Cyber-crime is the most general issue that is current favorite of the suspects. Hacking the useful data and then using it to threat people beyond manners that can harm you in many ways.

On the other hand, health issues are most important to consider. Weird right!! How can it affect our health? The answer is as clear as water. Mind is the most affected part. Depression is common in our era. Looking in the past, we can compare the difference easily. People were healthier and more active as compare to the people of our times. Laziness is a thing that is being promoted by the usage of the social tools.

Daily Life in the Social Media

In general, we don’t go and call our sibling from their rooms to come and join the dinner table instead of that we message them to come and eat. While sitting in a gathering didn’t makes your presence valuable because everyone prefers spending time on social media ignoring the people around them, which affects the relation and lack of social life. Starting from a baby that is unaware of everything going on the route, is also addict of using social apps or playing games.

Youngsters are ignoring the physical games and prefer playing online games by staying at home that is a threat to their physical fitness. Most importantly, the threat of social media is its convenient approach. We are getting addict to find the short paths and that is harming our lives in some ways. To sum up, the advantage we get by the usage of social media also affects us in some ways that we generally ignore. Privacy threats is one of the main things that should be considered as an alert to our healthy minds.

We hope you can understand how social media is taking your privacy away.

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