These apps are working as a lifeline to keep many businesses afloat and keeping people safe in their homes.

They let you share screens or remotely operate the device on the other end., chat via messaging, digital whiteboards, or even record and broadcast for a large group of passive users. 

These are the best conference calling software in 2021. Covid-19 has completely changed our lives used to be. Every aspect of our daily routine has undergone a major revamp. The same is true for our work life. Though we had to shut the world and lock ourselves in homes for the sake of our safety and of our loved ones, the world cannot stop operating. The recent pandemic has swallowed the jobs of many but the businesses run that could be run on the internet are still thriving. Internet-based businesses, especially e-commerce, digital marketing, and software houses were able to continue their work owing to the tech advancements. 

The concept of remote working was and is still being observed in its true sense. Thanks to modern technology and remote working apps, like conference calls, team chat platforms like Trello, Slack, many people were able to keep their jobs. These apps are working as a lifeline to keep many businesses afloat and keeping people safe in their homes.

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For video conferences to work properly, you need to have the required hardware for them. The best part is that majority of video conferencing apps allow you much more than just face-to-face interactions. They let you share screens or remotely operate the device on the other end., chat via messaging, digital whiteboards, or even record and broadcast for a large group of passive users. 

Best conference calling software in 2021

We have shortlisted the top 5 of them in this blog: 

1) Zoom 

Zoom logo

Zoom is currently the leading platform for video conference calling. Even before COVID-19, Zoom was the go-to choice for several companies to manage their remote working employees. The company launched its IPO in 2019. the app allows a simple one-to-one chat session which can be further escalated into training sessions, group calls, and most importantly webinars. It can cater to both internal and external audiences and global meetings for up to 1000 participants and 49 HD screens at the same time.

Zoom cover on Twitter

The application can be launched via the web or its dedicated app. The free version allows one to one meeting but its group sessions are limited to 40 mins only with a maximum of 100 participants. When the upgraded paid plan starts from $15 a month and can be scaled to use entire features using enterprise and business plans. 

2) Microsoft Teams 

Microsoft Teams logo

Microsoft Teams is a successor of Skype for Business. This app is designed for seamless collaboration and efficiency. Applications, such as SharePoint and Word and other Microsoft Office applications are integrated with it in an exceptionally interactive design. As a response to the increasing number of collaboration tools, such as Slack, Microsoft launched Microsoft Teams that became a Catch-all Chat workplace tool. With the amazing feature of launching video conferencing from chats directly, Microsoft Teams is a compelling and powerful video conferencing option. This has become an effective application for organizations that are deeply integrated with other Microsoft Applications.  It has the second place in best conference calling software.

3) Zoho Meeting

Zoho Meeting Logo

Starting has grown into a strong company with more than 50 million users worldwide. After the success of Zoho One, Zoho launched its Zoho Meetings that offers its users tools for webinars, online meetings, training sessions. The plans of the company are highly affordable with starting at just $10 per host for one month. This price tag carries the video conferencing support for up to 100 participants. It can be recommended towards conference calling for large gatherings.

Zoho claims that its service is GDPR compliant and Privacy Shield Frameworks certified. Zoho is integrable with Google Calendar making it more suitable for organizations that are already using CRM and project tools from Zoho. The service also offers to record the meetings and eject or mute participants. 

4) GoToMeeting

GotoMeeting Logo

GoToMeeting once ruled the video conferencing domain. Though its position has been compromised to some extent it remains to be a major player in the industry. The service is quite professional that offers a long list of features. This service satisfying for most of the businesses out there. The software is quite user-friendly which gives it an advantage over its competitors, most importantly its features of polling and “raise a hand”. Every call that is made on GoToMeeting allows its participants to take real-time notes which can be embedded in the meeting transcript. You can save these notes, the videos, and the presentation slides and download or share them in PDF format. 

5) Google Hangouts Meet

Google hangouts cover

Google Hangouts has outshined during this time of COVID-19. After the retirement of Google Hangouts Video, Google Hangout Meet outgrew as the business version of the software. G Suits subscribers can make video meetings to which external participants can connect as well. The service is designed to be run on Google Chrome but it can be used in other browsers as well but with limited features. The features offered are based on the version of G Suite you are using. G Suite users can use live streaming options for more than 100,000 audience participants with the flexibility to record and save meeting to Google Drive. 

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