You can convert anything like an imagination into visual content and live through it as in reality

The reality of virtual reality is so haunting that the world must stop it. As we move ahead with technological advancements, there are serious threats as well. For instance, the internet and computer technology is a wonderful technological advancement. Yet, there are serious threats to our personal data from hackers. Similarly, the social media provides us an opportunity to engage with our friends globally. However, it also leaves us in a threatful environment where our data isn’t safe. For instance, one can get our pictures, location, family information and so much more from the social media profiles.

Apart from this, there are several other threats from technological advancements. But, the threat from the virtual reality is one of the biggest. It can make all the truth become lie, and all the lie become truth in no time.

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What is Virtual Reality?

Virtual Reality is a technology that lets you create any environment in a real form. What it means is that you can create an imagination and experience it as a reality. Overall, this means that you can sit in a plane and enjoy a plane ride without ever travelling. It also means that you can drive your favorite cars without ever buying them. More importantly, you can travel to your favorite beaches, hotels, cities or any place without moving your legs for a second even. It also means that you can meet, talk and sit with any person of your choice, without their presence in real world.

In easier terms, you can do anything you imagine in your mind and feel it as a reality. It would just come up as a real happening around you and you could watch it through your own eyes.

Dangers of Virtual Reality

The dangers of virtual reality are quite concerning. This technology poses a threat that no other could ever do to mankind. It can change facts and create lies and burn the world with its fire alone. It can let anyone create any image or video of any other person. Thus, it can create unbelievable truths and factual lies.

For instance, some of the evil actors in virtual reality tech made fake porn videos of famous actresses. They were able to produce these videos by simply using the facial images of these actresses. As a result, one would see an actress performing intimate actions in a video while she is not there in reality. Its most dangerous aspect involves the visual recording of these virtual activities. It means that they can produce any visual content as in if it has happened in real life. However, this would be totally fake.

Political Dangers of Virtual Reality

With all this previous conversation, one can easily understand the threat this technology poses to the political environment or the global order. Can you imagine if the President of United States threatens to start a war with Russia and announces an immediate attack? What would happen then? The Russians may reply with an immediate response and a global security situation may arise.

Ok, it may not be likely happening because there would at least be contact with the commanders of both forces. Yet, such a situation may arise in case of large scale virtual reality based creations. However, imagine someone just publishes a video statement from a famous person criticizing some religion. Or, if there is some controversial political statement.

It may start serious issues within different communities just on the basis of a fake video. The social media allows spreading of the content fast. It would mean a small controversy can result in communal riots anywhere in the world.

Dangers of Virtual Reality for Ordinary People

So, this brings us to the most important aspect of our discussion. The ordinary people living private lives in their homes are also not safe from the threats this technology poses. It means that virtual reality can also affect their personal lives.

For instance, it is easy to manage revenge porn videos of any man or woman. And it is simply possible with their picture. How difficult is it to find someone’s picture in this age? So, it means that this technology could seriously affect the personal lives as well. It my end up producing any content showing any private person. And that too, without their knowledge.

Fighting Virtual Reality

As we discuss this, the world also understands the implications of this technology. There are global calls asking to stop the spread of this technology. Moreover, the governments and security agencies are reviewing its threat potential as well. However, we know that it is difficult to control the spread of any new technology.

So, the probable solutions include two fold exercise. One, to stop it completely. Yet, this is very difficult. The second one is a must-to-do. The people around the world must be taught about the dangers of this technology. IT is important before it destroys the life of common man. Or, before it creates a huge communal, national or international crisis.

Indeed, the reality of virtual reality is so haunting that the world must stop it!

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