Vuukle is a complete user engagement platform with multiple tools.

Everything you should know about Vuukle. Vuukle is not just a comments platform, it is actually a complete user engagement platform. It makes engagement and user retention easier. Moreover, Good engagement can help increase time spent by users that leads to decrease in bounce rate which translates to better revenues. Vuukle with its diverse portfolio of products can help you achieve your goals.

What are the functions of Vuukle?

Basically, Vukkle offers following features:

  • Increase time spent on site
  • Increase page views per session
  • Generate new engagement numbers
  • Reduce bounce rate.


Here is the list of different products from Vuukle:

  • Commenting
  • Reactions
  • Share bar
  • Real-time
  • Re-circulation
  • Monetisation


Vuukle products are fully responsive on both mobile and desktop including GOOGLE AMP and NATIVE APPS

Everything you should know about Vuukle

One can get started with Vuukle in under 5 minutes. It is a fully responsive platform with robust integration. All its products together will load under 500ms on your pages. It is a fast platform. Moreover, it is a light platform which only weighs 100kb. One can choose one or more products from its suite of solutions. Its products are very easy to Install, takes less than 5 minutes. All its products can be fully and easily customized to your requirement. Most importantly, it doesn’t sell any user data to any third parties.

Vuukle Comments

Well, if you want to incorporate Vuukle comments on your portal. It offers an amazing and clean design. You can customize Fonts, space, colors, themes, icons and headings. All of them can be customized. It’s implementation is also very easy. It can be placed anywhere on the page in less than a minute. It also offers Newsfeed. And, it is Popular as “TALK OF THE TOWN”, the proprietary news.

Its feed has generated some of the the best CTRs for publishers in the industry. The numbers can amaze you. It shows trending stories from its own site to re-circulate users back on your pages driving more page views and increasing time spent and engagement. The user profiles are generated automatically.

Moreover, it also includes these features:

Comment import: Import your old comments to Vuukle from any platform anytime.

Media Sharing: Elaborate Rich text editor with GIFs, Image support, editing and hyperlinking of comments.

Comment-Moderation: Auto moderation of comments for spam, hate speech, foul language, advertisements available. Auto-moderation can be switched on/off.

Plus, Easy moderation features for comment moderation by moderators on website. Auto-moderation of GIFs and Images is also available, you have a choice to turn on/off.

Automatic Registration: SSO support is available

Interesting Features of Vuukle

There are other interesting features of Vuukle. Therefore, one can simply login through various social or digital platforms, includes options of commenting and it supports over 30 languages. Most interesting aspect is the SEO support this plugin offers. Check out: ARE BACKLINKS REALLY IMPORTANT IN SEO?

Another interesting aspect is the Reaction Bar. Well, if your users want to react like they react on any major social platform, they can. Moreover, the people can share their reactions through multiple choices and it just requires a click. No need to register or login or add any information. It’s just a click.

Its interesting features include:

  • Speed: Extremely light and fast and does not affect page load speed.
  • Integration: Simple to use, Easy to integrate. Can be placed any where on the page
  • Captures user actions and sentiments that would otherwise be missed.
  • Amazing CTRs are generated from this solution as there is strong social ecosystem right on the webpage.

Vuuke Toolbars

Vuukle offers a unique and visually interactive sharing tool. It is the PowerBar. Well, It is simple and amazing. Moreover, it loads faster, does not sell any user data, provides robust integration with the comments and gives you the ability to show all types of user engagement related information without putting any load on your servers but instead uses its own to reduce that extra load on your pages by fetching all necessary counts in one simple request.

The entire set of tools load extremely fast. Moreover, one can also manage size and appearance and its placement to decide whether it should stay horizontally, vertically or as a floating bubble.

Thus, one must use Vuukle for sometime to gauge how their site is performing.

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