The right games have a very positive impact on bringing friends and families together.

Top 5 Most Popular Online Games to Play with your friends. Online games have captured the youth (kids and adults alike) for a long time now. With all the COVID-19 social distancing requirement you cannot be with your friends but that does not mean you cannot indulge in a fun playtime with them. Researches have clearly shown how effective online games are for adults with their benefits ranging from busting stress factors to boosting overall mood and well-being. Something we all need in these tough times. The right games have a very positive impact on bringing friends and families together. But whether the game is interesting for the players or not depends on how interesting the storyline, graphics, and characters are. 

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Here we have narrowed down a list of top 5 online games that you can indulge in during the lockdown: 

1) Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG)

Developer: PUBG Corporation

Portable: Xbox, PC, iOS, Android

Active Online Players: More than 50 million players

Launched Year: 2018

This is by far the most popular online game of 2020. This game has taken the youth and the internet by storm with its number of online players increasing with every passing day. The storyline is based on armor and warfare. At a time, the game can have 99 players at the same time. The game has exceptional graphics with regular updates and strict checking for any cheat codes being used while playing. To win, you need to survive till the end. 

2) Fortnite Battle Royale

Developer: Epic Games

Portable: Xbox, iOS, Android, PC

Players Online: 39 million online

Launching Year: 2017

Though this game was launched in 2017, it became everyone’s choice of game in 2018. The effects and exciting graphics of the game have captured a large number of players. This game is more appealing to male adults and is missing out on players’ base when it comes to female adults. PUBG on the other hand has players from both genders that increase its total number of players far more than Fortnite’s. But this game has far more equipment, features, and game-levels. 

3) Apex Legend

Developer: Respawn Entertainment

Portable, Microsoft Windows, Xbox, and PlayStation 4

Player Online: More than 50 million players in a month

Launched Year: 2019

This game has been very popular since its release. People who are not a fan of PUBG or Fortnite but are interested in playing a warzone or battlefield game are hooked to Apex. The game features six players teams with three players in each squad who are sent on an island to collect the resources and armory to fight the other squads at times. The squad that has a greater number of players at the end, wins the game. 

4) League of Legends (LOL)

Developer: Riot games

Portable: iOS, Android, Xbox, PC

Players Online: More than 27 million players

Launched Year: 2009

This game has been around for a long time but it still has a loyal fan base that makes it an evergreen game. The game allows the players to select their champion that in turn fights with other champions in the game later. The graphics and overall experience are stunning with great excitement on each level. The game is a multiplayer game for your friends and family to indulge in. 

5) Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Developer: Valve Corporation

Portable: Xbox360, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, Linux, and OS X 

Players Online: more than 32 million players

Launched year: 2014

The game is based on fighting terrorists in counter-attacks. The players’ plant and diffuse bombs to complete their missions, kill the terrorists, securing locations, and safeguarding the hostages. The map of the game navigates the entire mission. The game is based on a multiplayer shooting game theme. Neutralizing the enemy threats and accomplishing the missions are rewarded with prizes and cash. 

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