What makes these messaging apps more interesting are the features to share stories and status to your contact list.

These are the top 3 Alternatives of WhatsApp for everyone. There are many reasons to use other platforms than just simple messaging. Modern messaging apps allow exchanging much more than just messages. You can easily share pictures, videos, documents, and the most interesting one, voice messages with the other person. What makes these messaging apps more interesting are the features to share stories and status to your contact list. WhatsApp is the most used app for all these purposes that is widely used around the world. There are currently more than 2 billion users of the app around the globe but still, there are some reasons why WhatsApp can’t be used and one has to look for alternatives for it. 

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Though it is ideal for personal messaging, there are some cons due to which it cannot be used for professional use. Since the app is not GDPR approved, it is not in every international organization’s interest to use this application. After its acquisition by Facebook, the information gathered on its other platforms is not limited to one app. Our information is shared with all these platforms to help operate, improve, provide, understand, and even customize services and offerings. There are, however, some alternatives of WhatsApp that can be used depending on the need. 

1) Wire 

Wire is a messaging app, secured and protected by European data retention laws. The app is protected by strong end-to-end encryption. Wire has both, free personal accounts and paid version for business users. The paid plans provide additional features ad support to its users. Wire has a strong voice and video communication base. Unlike WhatsApp, Wire offers one-to-one and group options to share screens. It supports file sharing, multimedia, and documents. You can format the chat text that makes it an add on for businesses. The most exciting feature of Wire is most probably the option to set timers to allow deleting messages as an added privacy feature. 


  • Timed messages 
  • Secure messaging
  • Can be used on 8 devices simultaneously


  • Have to get paid version to access full features

2) Telegram

This is probably one of the most used messaging apps after WhatsApp. Telegram has more than 200 million active users making it the most popular alternative to WhatsApp. Like WhatsApp, it uses the double-tick method to let you know the delivery status and notify you when the recipient has read the message. Telegram uses a by default end-to-end encryption method for your voice calls to ensure that calls are protected from anyone else listening to your calls. Like Wire, Telegram lets the messages to be automatically deleted after a certain time. The interface is highly user-friendly. Telegram allows sending multimedia files also making it quite similar to WhatsApp. 


  • Uses open-source platform 
  • User-friendly interface
  • Cloud-based platform to keep your data safe and secure


  • Need to turn on encryption manually
  • Has its own encryption method 

3) Signal 

Signal is a free messaging app that uses strong encryption working on all mobile platforms. It has an incredibly simple user interface which makes switching from WhatsApp easier. You can launch Signal via browser or use its dedicated app or simply use it from your smartphone. Messages are completely unreadable by any sort of hacking activity. 

In contrast to WhatsApp, Signal uses open-source encryption, allowing software experts to check and test the app to identify any bugs or issues with the app. This allows the app to stay updated with the latest versions of app updates. Signal also has the cool feature to let the messages get auto-deleted after a set interval, guaranteeing your privacy in case anyone else accesses your phone as well. 


  • Uses both end-to-end encryption and open source
  • Runs on all major platforms
  • Timed messages


  • Lacks animated emojis

Therefore, these are the top 3 Alternatives of WhatsApp for everyone.

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