The overall earning exceeds 8.6 trillion dollars for these 9 companies

These are the highest earning tech companies in last decade. They were able to perform superb during this period as their gains were excessively higher during the last decade. It definitely reflects the user confidence on each of these companies. Moreover, it also shows the strength of these companies with regards to their market share. And lastly, these companies were jackpots for their shareholders. They were able to get billions of dollars to their incomes as a result of these companies performance.

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Here is the earning report for these top 9 global tech companies:

Apple earns $2.2 Trillion

The global smartphone giant was able to grab $2.2 trillion from the global share. It was able to sell more than 217 million devices in the last decade.

Samsung’s earning at $2 Trillion

Samsung was also able to get a lion’s share from the tech revenue. The tech giant was able to earn a handsome earning from the global spending. It got $2 trillion in revenue in last 10 years.

Amazon’s Earning at $1.5 Trillion

Amazon stood at third position in global earning race. It was also able to get a huge revenue base in the last 10 years with $1.5 trillion in its income.

Microsoft could only get $1 Trillion

Although, Microsoft is a major market player in the global technology industry. It was only able to secure 4th place in the decade’s earning for the last 10 years. The technology giant was ruling the world for over 30 years in the three decades prior to 2020. However, as the global technology companies were able to shift the trends, Microsoft was only able to stand aside with them.

Google was low with only $928 billion

One cannot believe. But Google was only able to earn less than a trillion dollars in the last decade. Although, Google is a household name and earns hefty income from advertising and other sources. It’s total revenue in the last decade could not cross the 1 trillion mark.

Yet, it was able to get a good global shares of the technology revenue. It got $928 billions in the last decade which is sufficient to maintain its heavy structure.

Disney could only earn $553 billion

This global entertainment company was also running in the revenue race during the last decade. It got more than 500 billion dollars in the last decade.

Facebook stood at $304 billion

Well it may be shocking because everyone is using Facebook. Literally, everyone. And it is always putting on those advertisements on our screen. So, having an income lesser than a trillion dollar is shocking.

Yet, it did stand in the race of global technology companies. It was able to grab $304 billion during the last 10 years.

Tesla could only make $105 billion

What comes to your mind on hearing Tesla. Tesla is a household name in terms of driverless vehicles. It also leads the electric vehicle market across the world. However, it could hardly move above $100 billion in the last decade.

Netflix took $100 billion

Who doesn’t see Netflix. Well, whatever but this streaming giant could only get a small share of the technology market. It could only touch the $100 billion mark for the earning during last decade.

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