This advisory focuses on the issue of deep fake technology which can seriously affect an individuals personal life.

Why should women stop posting pictures on social media? This is one of the key concerns as you would very limited women in the world who would like to see erotic actions of an unknown male. On the contrary, men are most likely to do it.

In simple terms, Deep Fake is a software running on artificial intelligence in which you can insert photos of anyone and merge them into another video. Artificial Intelligence makes a square image from these photos and puts it on the face of the person seen in the video. It is not possible in most of the cases to make a real-fake case in this video. However, the technology is advancing and we may be getting better fakes than the original ones.

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Deep fake is an output of one category of the Deep Learning Models called the Generative Models. As it’s clear from the name, it generates a similar image on a video of another person. The most famous model for deep fake is GAN (Generative Adversarial Network). And the most shocking thing is that you can find many packaged software for deep fakes. It means that anyone can make a deep fake video who has hold of your images. Once it generates a deep fake, it’s difficult to analyze it as real or fake through a normal human eye. In fact, one needs access to high end programs and software to find out whether a video is real or fake.

Thus, it is imperative to ensure that no one is able to get hold of your images. And this means no image. Whether it’s with family or friends, or a solo one. You should avoid sharing it on public portals without strict restrictions on your profiles.

What is Generative Adversarial Network

The creation of deep fake video involves using of two competing AI systems. The first one is called generator and the other is called the discriminator. Basically, the generator creates a fake video clip and then asks the discriminator to determine whether the clip is real or fake. Each time the discriminator accurately identifies a video clip as being fake, it gives the generator a clue about what not to do when creating the next clip. Together, the generator and discriminator form something called a Generative Adversarial Network or GAN.

The first step in establishing a GAN is to identify the desired output and create a training dataset for the generator. Once the generator begins creating an acceptable level of output, video clips can be fed to the discriminator. As the generator gets better at creating fake video clips, the discriminator gets better at spotting them. Conversely, as the discriminator gets better at spotting fake video, the generator gets better at creating them.

Examples of Deep Fake Technology

Actually, the word deep fake is a combination of two words. These are deep learning and fake. Here, fake is a term for videos and presentations enhanced by artificial intelligence to present falsified results. There are several examples of deep fake videos, however, one can find celebrity videos of female stars in particular. Recently, Bollywood superstar Kareena Kapoor’s deep fake porn video is surfacing on the social media.

There are several other videos of politicians and celebrities. The celebrities from Hollywood and Bollywood are particularly targeted in the deep fake videos. For instance, the Bollywood stars Priyanka Chopra, Deepika Padukone, Shraddha Kapoor and Aishwarya Rai are victims of deep fake videos. Similarly, the Hollywood star victims include Tom Cruise, Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stalone. Even, Mark Zuckerberg is a victim of deep fake.

There are several examples of these deep fakes. Although, porn comes at number one. Yet, there are fake movies scenes, alteration of characters or point scoring against an established businessman. Former US President Obama was also a victim of deep fake video. You can see how deep fake can work to promote a certain ideology or present a dangerous view. Moreover, the clarification may take time and damage may be done before it.

How deep fake technology works?

Deep fakes rely on a type of neural network called an autoencoder. These consist of an encoder, which reduces an image to a lower dimensional latent space, and a decoder, which reconstructs the image from the latent representation. Deep fakes utilize this architecture by having a universal encoder which encodes a person in to the latent space.

Primary aspects of their facial features and body posture are used in the latent portrayal. After that, a model trained specifically for the target will decode it. This means that the target’s detailed details will be superimposed on the latent space’s underlying facial and body features from the original film.

What role pictures on social media play?

Social media is the hub of our personal lives. We all post our pictures, activities, views and thoughts on different social media channels. These include our personal lives on Facebook particularly. Instagram is another tool where we all share multiple pictures.

So, if someone has access to your profile or pictures, it means that they can easily save them on their own devices. The next step is simple. They just need to run the Generative Adversarial Network model on these pictures and do anything with it. For instance, it may record a dangerous message from you. Or, alternatively, it may produce an erotic video with your pictures. Although, it will not be real you in the video. Yet, it may take ages to clarify this.

Moreover, the technology can be used in geographical settings also. It means that they may use a South Asian environment to show a deep fake for Bollywood celebrity. And similarly, it will show a European or American environment for a Hollywood celebrity.

Thus, social media is the key source of your images and you need to protect it. It’s observed that women’s images are mostly used for porn generation. Thus, limiting the profiles or removing the pictures may protect you from a dangerous technology which is further expanding with time.

We hope that you got the reason why should women stop posting pictures on social media?

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