It is able to send all your data including personal information to the hackers.

A malicious code is circulating which can hack your WhatsApp account. It is spreading through a simple code which is sent through your friends and family. It shows as a simple link. However, if one clicks on the link, it immediately hacks the WhatsApp account.

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Currently, there is no specific data on who is hacking the WhatsApp accounts of users spread around the world. However, the malicious code is circulating globally which means that it may be part of huge network. Moreover, it may involve individuals or entities who may use it for financial leverage.

The hacked data can be used in multiple ways. It is sold on multiple dark web platforms for giving out user’s data or personal information. Moreover, it can also share the personal details of all users on these dark web areas. It can also result in utilization of your personal financial information with the hackers.

Moreover, the hackers can use this detail to reach out to your choices. A number of tech companies require this data to reach out to the right people. Further, it may result in circulation of your personal pictures or videos on the web area.

The hackers may use your financial information to conduct malicious financial activities. It means they may use it for buying crypto currencies or other grey channel options. It means that the hackers can take away all your money without your notice. And you’d never be able to locate them.

So what needs to be done? You need to make sure that you are safe. In order to protect yourself from this circulating malicious code which can hack your WhatsApp account, you must remove the current version of app from your phone. You can reinstall the WhatsApp on your phone and activate the new version. This way the hackers will not be able to get access to your phone or any other device.

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