There is no wonder in near future we see flying cars all around us or people start walking in the air.

These are the top 5 Possibilities Expected in the Near Future. This is the interesting thing about the future, everything and anything is possible. I still remember the cartoons Jetsons on Cartoon Network. Most of the things which at that time seemed so superficial are now a part of every household today. There is no wonder in near future we see flying cars all around us or people start walking in the air. Since there is no definitive time when these technologies will be available, there are few things that we can see happening in near future. 

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We have shortlisted five of them from a long, infinite list: 

1) Driverless Vehicles

Driverless Vehicles

This has always been a fantasy for most of us that are not too excited about the idea of driving. This possibility is not far to have cars that run without a driver on the road. Growing traffic and long destination route have made this idea even more tempting to have an opportunity to sit back and take a nap while you are on your way to your destination. This works on a simple principle to make use of GPS signals and use very sensitive sensors to judge the pedestrian presence or other vehicles around the car. Google is already experimenting with this and we are keeping our fingers crossed to have these vehicles out in near future. 

2) Visual Prosthesis

Diagram of the eye and placement of the retinal implants

While watching six-billion-dollar man or bionic woman, we all were excited to see there is something that can help blind people. We can say that the possibility of having a bionic eye is just around the corner. This bionic eye promises the blind or people with poor eyesight to have a better life. Prototypes are under process and are being tested. 

3) Nanomedicine


A combination of nanotechnology and medicine is one of the most desired combinations. Nanomedicine is already proving to be very effective in managing several severe diseases. The compounds in a drug are absorbed by the body very quickly and are in turn, turned into waste. Nanomedicine technology can increase this time and resultantly enhancing the effectiveness of the medicine. 

4) Space Tourism 

Space tourism

Space tourism is a dream for many of us. Being able to explore other planets and travel to them as you travel any other country, is something which is making a large number of companies race among each other. These companies include, Space X, Blue Origin, Virgin Galactic, etc are a few of them. Space exploration is in its infancy itself right now but the prospects of space tourism are very promising. 

5) 3D Printed Food

3-D Prnted Food

3D printing has taken the world of construction to a whole new level. Starting from the printing of small objects and toys, this technology has entered major industries such as construction. After bricks and other major objects being made from it, 3 D printing has been very successful in creating an entire house or producing an entire machinery part or the machine itself. What we have not yet experimented with 3 D printing is to test it in the food industry. 

But we might not have to wait too long to see this. Think about what if you are running low on your food supplies in your fridge and or at night you want to have a cake? Pretty common experiences, right? Now what if you can print your favorite cake, vegetable or pizza? It might sound we are dreaming pretty big here but the possibility of this happening for real is not too far. 3D printing can create or “print” objects that are lighter than air or heavier than iron.  

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