Pinterest visibility is vital to a successful marketing plan on the site. Visibility is what your content needs to be loved and transformed into leads or sales. Unfortunately, it might take a lot of work and time to improve Pinterest’s appearance. You have to follow some tips to increase visibility through Pinterest. Each seller understands today how intense the competition is and how overtime policies have evolved.

Pinterest is a wonderful platform for decades because it makes up 67 per cent of your user based accounts in the United States. Moreover, people have picked Pinterest as the preferred social media site for 55 per cent of internet buyers. This should offer you sufficient reasons to use that social media channel nowadays. One can increase the visibility by using various tips and techniques to increase visibility through Pinterest.

We will provide 7 tips to increase visibility through Pinterest in this post on how to begin making Pins on Pinterest more prominent.

7 Tips to Increase Visibility through Pinterest

Let’s take a deeper look at each tip to increase the visibility of your Pinterest.

1. Create a Strong Pinterest Profile

The material that you post with Pinterest is as vital as it is to enhance your Pinterest visibility on your profile. Here are the key areas of your profile to be optimised:

  • Full business name – Start by filling up your business profile if you’ve upgraded to a business account previously. Start with a whole business name that should be straightforward and comprehensible. Use a clear, high-quality corporate logo or personal image that attracts the attention of the audience. Make it easy and easy to remember your username. Always include important keywords to help the proper feed to your profile.
  • Use Keywords to Provide a Clear Description in Your Bio – A Pinterest profile should be unique and strategic so that it can inform everyone what you or your company mean. The required keywords should be clear, comprehensible and direct, and naturally incorporated.
  • Business and Website Verification – It is a requirement to check on Pinterest. Pinterest will enable you to check your website as the owner of the website. This will assist your profile officially look, increase visitors on your website and increase the visibility of your profile. Your account may be easily checked. You only have to go to the settings of your profile. Go to the ‘Claim’ section of ‘Edit Profile’ and choose ‘Web Site’ under ‘Edit Profile.’ Choose how you want your website to be requested and follow the instructions. Once you are validated, your website URL will appear on your Pinterest profile.

2. Choose The Right Images

Pinterest is, of course, a visual social media network that means photos prevail and you have to select the correct images to draw maximum commitment. Social Media Examiner offers some excellent advice for picking the appropriate pictures.

  • Make the most of the image Height – With Pinterest’s vertical pins or pins that are tall in nature, you should make greater use, with the minimum width advised being 600 pixels, of the picture proportions of 2:3 and 1.3:5.
  • Use Light Images – Dark images will not pop and capture your eyes, therefore they won’t perform well on Pinterest or other social media sites in reality. In addition to the usage of light-coloured pictures, Social Media Examiner suggests utilising highly contrasting colours to attract your attention.
  • Include text overlay on your photos – As with any social media site, remember that individuals just browse through their feeds and pause when something comes into their eyes. One approach to achieve this is to incorporate text overlays in your pictures, which means that text is added immediately over the image.

3. Create a number of Boards

Not only will it be incredibly difficult to discover what you have pinned on a single board, but the same experience will be shared with your followers. The idea behind having numerous boards is that your organisation may draw your audience’s attention to several parts of the same material. It is up to you and what attracts your target audience how you want to structure your boards.

Pinterest proposes to arrange your boards like window displays. You want material that keeps people coming again and over. While individuals are purchasing with Pinterest, they are also using it to find and do something that is of interest to them. For instance, show them what they can actually accomplish with that thing in your pins instead of presenting a product you could have.

4. Don’t Use Pinterest only for commercial purposes

Potential and existing clients will not return to their profile again and again if you solely offer their products and services by using them. Think like a TV channel about it. If they were all running non-stop advertisements, you’d immediately go to another station presenting material that you really want. This is also true of Pinterest, where you want to balance sales and offer additional material that is of interest to your target audience.

5. Add Pinterest Plugins to Your Website

You want it to be very easy for new and existing customers who visit your website to put content on their accounts. This is done using the “Pin It” buttons, which enables a new window to generate the pin. It publishes it to Pinterest when someone clicks the button (see below). Here is how the following may be done and created:

Additional Pinterest buttons are also available, including a “Follow” button (to encourage new and present customers to follow you on Pinterest). A “Board” button (to display thumbnails of the most recent pins on your website), and a “Profile” button (allowing you to show your profile on your website and some of your recent pins).

6. Follow Pinterest Related Niche Accounts

Remember always that Pinterest is a social networking site and visual search engine. It enables you to establish a community with the same minds on the platform. Note that the Pinterest algorithm might monitor your accounts. Make sure you follow the niche-related accounts.

The community of Patagonia, consisting of comparable brands, is an excellent example. By collecting the data, the Pinterest algorithm may be used to better decide which pins will be displayed on the boards. It also collects profiles suggested by users.

7. Be Active on Pinterest

On any social media site, including Pinterest, user involvement is critical. Here are some actions you may take to do this:

  • Increase your followers and engagement by sharing your Pinterest profile on other social media networks.
  • At the end of your Pins, provide a clear call to action urging users to remark, respond, or like your post.
  • Create one-of-a-kind graphics for your Pins to boost traffic and interaction.
  • Contact some influencers in your niche.
  • Quality pins from other users should be repinned.
  • Take the time to react to, or like, great Pins from other users.


Increasing your Pinterest visibility is not as difficult as it appears. The tips we provided can help you improve your Pins so that they rank higher and appear on the proper search result page. It will also assist you in developing more effective marketing strategies in order to outperform your competition.

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